About Programming the Web

Information about who we are, our story, our vision and about offshore web development services we offer. We launched this project in 2009 in response to the growing need businesses had for profitable web services.

Why Outsourcing to Cluj

Cluj is considered by Forbes magazine the IT Paradise of Romania. And, the country to be #1 in providing offshore web development outsourcing services in Eastern Europe and number 9 in the world today for many reasons.


We are the first of a new type of digital agency - a cross between a traditional search/digital agency and web development services; one that combines specialist SEO experts with programmers that build custom web platforms.

Programming the Web!

Who are we

We are a small, dedicated and passionate team of professionals who believe businesses should have integrity and web development and SEO services should be remarkable. Programming the Web is a offshore company based in Cluj. We have developed websites since 2009 and have experience in providing high quality work for different markets in Romania, UK and US.

What we do

We build customized websites for every single project. If you can dream it, our developers can build it and our SEO experts, introduce it to the world. Everything should be build with standards. If standards change, we strive to stay up on the latest. We’re a full–service company that will do whatever it takes to help you grow your business and your presence on the web. Just say the word.

Why be interested...

What makes us unique is a personal approach of cooperating with those who trusted us. We can assist you by offering a remote team that will meet and understand your requirements. We believe that by taking this opportunity, you cau help your partners to develop personalized solutions and grow businesses. Your business is moving at the speed of ideas, that's why you...

need to Partner with us

Markets, competition and technology are changing fast. By choosing to outsource services, you become more dynamic regarding those changes. Being posted with the latest, means big resource investment. When choosing outsourcing, the costs are divided. You invest on the behalf of all clients. By sharing investments, the risks for your company are decreasing.

Regardless the project, you need an offshore partner like Programming the Web. See the projects in our Portfolio Page and explore more about us.

There are 30 trillion webpages on the internet. We'll make yours the one that matters. Do you want to be a part of creating things that last? Claim you place in the Internet and...

What our partners learned from working with us:

During my last startup, TheHoroscope.co, we worked with an offshore web development company, Programming the Web. It was a hard struggle to find them and here are my lessons learned:

  • We wanted an offshore partner with a timezone of max 4 hours time difference.
  • We wanted stability and more value for our money. When you hire a web developer or SEO expert, they have to be trained for at least 2 months and it takes around 4 months before they are working efficiently.
  • Finding the right partner can be very tough. We've talked to many companies and in the end found Programming the Web.
  • In our country, The UK, it's tough to find highly skilled web developers or SEO experts and when you do they are very expensive.
  • That Romania was in the EU was a big plus for us.
  • The recruiting and first filtering were done by Skype, it takes about 30 minutes to find if it suits you.
  • I started with small projects and amounts I could afford to lose. When I was satisfied about how they work, I took on bigger projects.
  • Stayed in touch with them constantly and check the work.
  • Well why outsource, the price is one of the main issues. That's pretty much it.

So, this has been our experience. The biggest problem when outsourcing is trust, it's hard to find a partnet you can trust. But in the end, it was a very wise decision, which helped us find some great web developers and SEO experts who gave our company more power.

Why Programming the Web with us