Programare Web was launched in 2009 in response to the growing need businesses had for effective, transparent and profitable organic search optimization and web development solutions. We are a team of dedicated, passionate and performance driven web programmers and SEO specialists that offer offshore web development services.

Since 2009, we have built our business from the ground up using our own web development services and have quickly established ourselves as industry leaders. We have been lucky enough to work with a multitude of ambitious Romanian and International businesses and help them build their websites, online reputation and to get found in more searches to attract new customers. As a Romanian software company based in Cluj-Napoca, we develop custom solutions covering the entire life cycle of complex web development projects. Should you be a software company, a software department or another industry specific business, Programare Web will always look after your expectations and needs in relation with a software based solution. 

From the very beginning, the idea of Programare Web was created different, on the sole premise that the partners we represent deserve better offshore web services, and that their businesses, in partnership with Programare Web, should expand using our organic search optimization and branding services.

Our team is dedicated, multi-tasking and always laser-focused on your bottom line so you can achieve brilliant results. Unlike taking the freelancing approach, we offer you a high level of professionalism and qualified web designers, SEO experts and web developers with a pricing model not very different in comparison with freelancers. 

As you might know, to develop and manage a website, can take a huge portion of a budget. The purpose of Programare Web is to reduce those operating costs by providing the opportunity to outsource web development services for your business and your partners. We provide custom web solutions that can meet any needs. Outsourcing your work has many benefits from cutting costs to improving productivity.

Programare Web team can guarantee the best web solutions that meet your varying business goals with great flexibility and matchless pricing models to back it up.


  • Our vision is to expand upon our current position as the leading web development company by providing our clients with all the tools to achieve their particular business goal;

  • We value technological innovation, business automation, lifelong learning and the ability to adapt to change in order to achieve operational efficiently.

Our Mission

  • Help our clients develop the best web applications and website with great user experience and cost efficiency;
  • Help our clients grow higher quality traffic;
  • Help expand our client’s existing brand and to build brand loyalty;
  • Accelerating business growth through powerful online marketing strategies.

Core Business

  • offshore web development services;
  • offshore search engine optimization services;
  • offshore web design services;
  • offshore branding services.


  • Cluj–Napoca, Romania (member of the European Union).

Working experience

  • 6 years in Web Development.

  • 5 years in Search Engine Optimization.

Being a small company, we have a better understanding of the necessity to optimize resources and to use the technology in the most efficient way. Our growth in recent years shows the level of efficiency and commitment for our partners. For that reason, we choose to work with companies if we believe in their mission, companies that understand the power of the Internet to grow a business and offer products and services that will please any customer. The simple reason behind this is that the reputation of your company, in the long term, is our own.

You can consider Programare Web as an extent of your team, because our success depends on what we can do for you, your company and customers. But enough about us, if you’re not convinced by the fact that we can be a trustworthy partner, we invite you to visit our Portfolio Page, look forward to Contact Us and have Skype conference to really get to know each other.